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Starbucks In The Uk…

…in Paris!

Paris, France is a beautiful place to be in. The sights, the sounds, the beauty! Well I had the chance to visit with my lady for a few days and I did not pass the chance to have a look at the Starbucks there.

I imagined that the stores in Paris would be of completely different design and shape, but I was plesently suprised! The stores were the same to the ones I know and love. Every detail seemed to be the same as any other Starbucks, but it still had its unique Paris parts to it. It had the Paris tumblers and cups for sell, and all the leaflets and menus in french. It was funny to see the boards I know all too well in a language I didn’t know.

While the drinks were the same as in the UK, the food was very different. They did types like French Toast, creps, pancakes, and more. They all looked amazing and very tasty. Another thing was that they did freshly pressed orange juice frappucinos. I didn’t get a chance to taste them but everyone seemed to be buying them!

France don’t yet use Starbucks Cards and was weird when told I couldn’t use it as its second nature for me now! But that was fine as I still got my discount (some 30%, some 10%. I guess it depended how much they liked me!).

The drinks were the tastiest I’ve ever tired in a starbucks. I believe the milk used in France is far suprier to the english (sorry guys!) and I think that makes for one tasty drink. All free drinks I had were all very very tasty and wish to import their milk to try here!

The store that got me most excited and wowed however was the store at Disneyland Paris! This store is a LEED store, which is special enough! But the design really took me! It’s so beautiful and well made. You feel you are walking into a world within a world. And its all made from reused items in Paris, from Wood in the store coming from retired barrels reclaimed from the French wine industry! It really wowed us in there and didn’t want to leave!

Well I will leave you with that and some photos of myself outside the store! I hope you enjoyed and I will catch you tomorrow 🙂

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