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A little bit about myself…

The last week I’ve been off work as booked holiday up to see my girlfriends parents in the north of England (right near Sheffield!). I’ve just got back but as I’m not at work till Monday, so I don’t actually have much to speak of!

So with that in mind, I thought I would introduce myself a bit more and how my two 1/2 years in Starbucks has made me grow as a person.

I started my Starbucks life in March 2009 after leaving my previous job of retail manager at chemist Boots. I felt after 13 months of Boots that I need something new and interesting, something to get me excited to work again. Starbucks wasn’t my first choice though…

Before I never knew a great deal of Starbucks apart from they served coffee. It wasn’t until I started to work that I knew the wonder of the place. Before I knew nothing, but as I worked I learnt that Starbucks was more than just a coffee shop. I knew it was a family.

My store is a fairly small store but I was originally meant to be Shift Supervisor for a neighboring store in a Borders store, but I guess I was liked enough at Above Bar to be kept there. I’m glad I did as I quickly built a friendship with everyone there and after a month felt like a family with them.

And what a family I was brought into! Every part of the world covered in out store. We have Polish, Cameroon, South African, Asian, British, Latvian, and more!

(Funny Fact of the Day: I am the only person that works at my store that was born in Southampton! Love feeling special!)

Anyway, back to my story. I was a shift supervisor for about 20 months and I learnt a huge amount about myself during that time. I built relationships, learnt to enrich people lives, and serve great coffee! But during this time, I also entered university (I was 23 when I started uni, having worked for 7 years full time in retail before deciding on uni) and my attention to detail was slipping. I was no longer the partner I once were and I had to make the decision to step down as supervisor and become a Barista.

At first this was a huge decision as I was so proud of who I was and how I lead my team. I was proud calling a store mine for the day and making people want to work with me and make peoples lives. However with university, that was slipping out of my control so by deciding to step down I could give my 100% time to the customer and their experience while still being committed to my studies . I was free to be there for the customer and make things happier for me. I could be both things and all for the greater good. I loved my role but I felt this was the best way to go.

And for about 8/9 months I’ve been loving my shifts at the store. I’ve become Coffee Master and my love for Starbucks has grown and grown. Here I work for a company that CARES about their partners and customers. A place that wants you to interact with people and make their day that extra special.

August 2010So there you are, a little about myself to hopefully make a bit of sense of me and myself. I hope you enjoy and I look forward to Monday when I’ll hopefully be back at work and will be doing a Coffee Tasting of the new Breakfast Blend VIA vs Break Blend French Roast.



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  1. July 9, 2011 at 11:35 pm

    Meant Breakfast Blend French PRESS, not French roast lol – S.I.T.U.K

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